In the wake of recent mass murders in Nashville and Louisville, your God-given rights have come under an unprecedented assault from anti-gunners in the mainstream media.

They push gun control “solutions” that wouldn’t have prevented these acts of HUMAN violence.

They IGNORE that 94% of all mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

They publish the name and image of mass murderers to generate interest and boost their ratings, which encourages copy-cat shootings.

They REFUSE to report on the political leanings of shooters when they contradict their biased narratives.

They give favorable coverage to anti-gun radicals in the Tennessee legislature who engaged in insurrectionist behavior to try and shred your God-given rights.

As the anti-gun movement attempts to completely gut the Second Amendment under the guise of preventing mass public murders, we cannot remain silent.

That’s why GOA has commissioned a new survey to ensure millions of law-abiding gun owners like YOU will not be drowned out by the media’s anti-gun hysterics and lies.

Please take our “2023 Truth About Gun Owners Survey” to make your voice heard.

The Biden Administration has already proposed a whole host of gun control measures this year:

Red Flag Gun Grab laws
Universal Background Checks
An “Assault Weapons” Ban
Requiring the “safe storage” of firearms
Eliminating manufacturers’ protection from frivolous lawsuits

None of them would stop a determined perpetrator.

The solution to stopping mass shootings isn’t more gun control. It’s to allow citizens to exercise their God-given right to defend themselves.

Once again: 94% of mass shootings happen in “gun free zones.” Where there are armed teachers in schools, there has NEVER been a shooting during school hours.

But you'll never see that headline in the mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the anti-gun narrative they’re determined to force down our throats.

Unfortunately, politicians – even those who call themselves “pro-gun” – fall prey to this narrative all too often.

The Republican governor of Tennessee has already caved to pressure by signing an executive order expanding background checks and asking the state legislature to pass a Red Flag Gun Grab law.

If gun owners don’t speak out now, other spineless politicians will be emboldened to make concessions to the gun control mob.

Look, we’re never going to be able to compete with the anti-gun media on the airwaves…

But if there’s one thing that will make elected officials think twice about supporting more gun control, it’s sustained outrage from gun-owning VOTERS like YOU, Defender Coffee.

Surveys like this one are a critical component of our pressure campaigns in Congress.

In the past, we’ve used the results to successfully STOP gun control legislation.

With politicians facing a constant barrage of pressure campaigns from the anti-gun media, we need to constantly remind them how the silent majority of Americans trulyfeel.

Your survey responses are more important than ever as we work to defeat yet another gun control push from the White House and their mainstream media allies.

So please, take our “2023 Truth About Gun Owners Survey” to make your voice heard.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Senior Vice President
Gun Owners of America