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    Gov. Ralph Northam & AG Mark Herring:
    “Do as we say, not as we do”

    Written by Erich Pratt Published: 26 December 2019

    Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) today responded to Attorney General Mark Herring’s hypocritical attack on Second Amendment sanctuaries by issuing a 12-page analysis.

    “Gov. Northam and Attorney General Herring lack credibility. They criticize and dismiss  Virginia citizens in 114  localities which officially acted to declare their jurisdictions supportive of our Second Amendment Rights and against confiscation of commonly owned legal firearms from citizens who have harmed no one,” said Erich Pratt of GOA and Philip Van Cleave of the VCDL in a joint statement.

    Northam and Herring have done the following:

    • Formally opposed defending Virginia’s Constitution, the Commonwealth’s highest law, by refusing to defend the 2006 voter-approved Marriage Amendment prior to Ogerbefell;
    • Voted to support the US Constitution against the congressionally passed 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by supporting General Assembly legislation to refuse assistance in the arrest and detention of Virginia citizens denied legal counsel, formal charges or trial; and,
    • Supported Virginia localities which refused to assist in enforcing federal immigration laws.

    Pratt and Van Cleave agreed that, “If a state law is constitutional, then localities have to follow it.  But our Governor and Attorney General are determined to strip Virginians of their Second Amendment Rights, punishing them for wanting the ability to exercise their inalienable right of self-defense as recognized by the US Supreme Court in DC v. Heller(2008) and McDonald v. Chicago (2010). That is egregious. No one is required to follow an unconstitutional law.”

    “Billionaires like former NYC Mayor Bloomberg, who hired NY City police at six-figure salaries as armed body guards when he left office, gave Governor Northam’s statewide Democrats $1.4 million in 2017, and $2.5 million in 2019 to gain control of Virginia’s 2020 legislature.  The Constitution appears to be expendable for 30 pieces of silver,” GOA’s Erich Pratt noted.

    Philip Van Cleave of VCDL said, “There is no way I, on my own, could have motivated over 100,000 Virginians to publicly demand that their local representatives and sheriffs honor their Oath to defend citizens’ rights, including those guaranteed by our Second Amendment.  Our Governor has performed an important, if not unintended public service.”

    Pratt and Van Cleave don’t know if Northam realizes he wants the legislature to threaten at least one and a half million Virginia households (Gallup gun surveys 2018/19) with felony status for the mere possession, (not misuse), of commonly owned firearms or mere parts of firearms, currently legal across the country even in very liberal states with so-called “assault weapons bans.”

    Van Cleave and Pratt stated Virginians correctly understand the seriousness of the gun confiscation and gun registration threats. “Personal security has always been threatened by criminals, but now those who were elected to serve and protect the citizens are attempting to authorize the theft of privately owned firearms in violation of the Fifth Amendment which provides that, ‘nor shall property be taken for public use, without just compensation.’”

    Pratt and Van Cleave both said they would be willing to sit down with lawmakers from any political party to increase penalties on those who misuse guns or magazines. They noted, “We are willing to talk to legislators about real crimes and appropriate punishment. But lawmakers need to understand that individuals are responsible for evil acts. To criminalize mere possession of things per se is infantile thinking and has no place in deliberations by adults. If people are disarmed, they will be defenseless victims for criminals who don’t obey any laws, let alone gun control laws.”

    Pratt and Van Cleave both noted that the so-called “assault weapons” the Governor seeks to ban, which fire only one bullet per trigger pull, should be renamed, “freedom from assault” weapons because these firearms have been used to save the lives of numerous individuals in Virginia and across the country.



    Written by SAF - BELLEVUE, WA – The tragic church shooting Sunday in White Settlement, Texas in which church members fatally shot the gunman provides more evidence that good guys with guns are necessary to stop bad guys, and that armed citizens can protect soft targets, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

    “This horrible shooting was live streamed, and shows how the killer was taken down within a few seconds of firing the first shot,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “If one pays attention to the video, it appears that at least six and possibly seven members of the congregation drew sidearms to defend their fellow church members, and at least one member identified in published reports as part of the church security team fired a shot that took the gunman down.”

    Gottlieb, co-author of the book, “Good Guys With Guns,” expressed sorrow that two members of the congregation were killed.

    “Regrettably,” he stated, “there were casualties among the church goers, but in the flash of seconds, it is obvious that many more lives were saved by the quick action of a church member who was fortunately armed as a member of the church security team. Had it not been for his quick action and accurate shooting, this could have been much, much worse.”

    Texas law allows church goers to be armed, a fact Gottlieb cited as crucial to saving lives.

    “The fact that so many other church members were also armed, and did not open fire, demonstrates how responsibly armed citizens can perform in an emergency,” Gottlieb observed. “The video belies the oft-repeated myth that armed citizens are irresponsible and even dangerous to one another, which is something we address in ‘Good Guys With Guns’.”

    “We don’t know what motivates someone to open fire on a peaceful church congregation,” Gottlieb said. “But thanks to the video, we know what stops them.”



    Written by SAF - November 19, 2019

    BELLEVUE, WA – The school shooting near Los Angeles and Sunday’s multiple homicide in Fresno are more examples of the failure of extremist California gun control, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

    Two students were murdered at Saugus High School last Thursday by a teenager who could not legally carry a handgun, and four people died at a residential gathering Sunday evening when unidentified gunmen opened fire. But anti-gun-rights California lawmakers have spent years adopting increasingly restrictive gun control laws that were sold to the public as schemes to prevent such horrendous crimes.

    “With each new gun control law,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “California citizens were assured that the new restrictions were necessary to stop deadly crimes. But the only people to suffer the consequences are law-abiding gun owners and innocent victims.

    “The Saugus school shooting should convince any rational person that lawmakers in Sacramento have perpetuated a fraud,” he observed. “They’ve known all along that their gun control agenda was only going to prevent honest citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights. Criminals, regardless of their age, have never been prevented from committing deadly crimes by California’s extremist gun laws.

    Within hours of the school shooting, anti-gun Democrats were renewing their push for so-called “universal background checks” and a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” despite the fact that the alleged teen gunman couldn’t legally have the gun he used, which was a .45-caliber pistol, not a rifle.

    “What Thursday’s tragic school shooting really shows is the callousness of gun control fanatics who quickly dusted off their same old agenda knowing it has nothing to do with the circumstances of the Saugus incident,” Gottlieb said. “And now we’ve got four new victims in Fresno, and California gun control laws didn’t prevent that crime, either.

    “It’s time for Democrats in Sacramento, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, to admit their gun control crusade has been an abysmal failure. They’ve closed their eyes and ears to the truth like they closed their minds to the Constitution. They should apologize to gun owners for years of scapegoating their own policy failures.”



    Written by Erich Pratt Published: 16 October 2019 

    While the impeachment inquiry continues…

    With the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, President Trump is paying close attention to every poll released by the media to monitor his public support.

    Which means he will inevitably see some of the recent phony polls claiming that Americans support gun control… at a time when he is eager to keep his approval rating up.

    We need to cut through the media’s fake polls and make sure he hears DIRECTLY from the American people themselves.

    We’re going to flood the White House’s inboxes with letters signed by American voters like you, warning President Trump that the surest way for him to lose in 2020 is to betray 2A supporters by passing Red Flag Gun Grabs or Universal Background Checks.

    Please add your name to our pre-written letter telling President Trump to do the right thing and protect our God-given rights.


    If President Trump is concerned about the damage Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry is causing him, then he better keep his hands off of the Second Amendment…

    In 2016, he only won the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin by fewer than 80,000 votes.

    Many of those voters are single-issue voters who prize the Second Amendment above all else. They understand that our 2A rights are the teeth of the Constitution.

    If President Trump signs Red Flag Gun Grabs or Universal Background Checks into law, those voters may see ZERO DIFFERENCE between a candidate Biden or candidate Trump in 2020.

    Finally, if the President is eager to see polls, then we’ll show him a poll of our own taken of over 17,000 gun owners across America that reveals between 92-98% would NOT vote to re-elect a legislator who votes for Red Flag Gun Laws or Universal Background Checks.

    Please add your name to our pre-written letter telling President Trump to do the right thing and protect our God-given rights.

    Here’s a List of Companies That Support Gun Control

    Here’s a List of Companies That Support Gun Control

    Are you looking for a handy list of companies that support gun control? Well, today, 145 companies made it easier for you, clearly revealing their disregard for the Second Amendment and the principles of liberty and freedom.

    First reported by the New York Times, the CEOs of 145 companies sent a letter to the U.S. Senate urgently calling for “background checks on all gun sales and a strong Red Flag law that would allow courts to issue life-saving extreme risk protection orders.” Citing recent events and their “responsibility and obligation to stand up for the safety of our employees, customers and all Americans,” they argue for so-called “common-sense” gun legislation.

    The letter was signed by CEOs of large companies such as Bain Capital, Bloomberg, Brookfield Property Group, GAP, and Levi Strauss. Also signing were large advertising and media firms, such as Conde Nast, Group Nine Media, Havas, Interpublic, Omnicom, and Publicis, no surprise given the messaging on guns that we so often see. Also note the services and social media companies, such as Airbnb, DoorDash, Eventbrite, Lyft, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Uber, and Yelp.

    Below, we’ve provided a searchable, alphabetical list of the companies and executives who signed the letter. Incidentally, when you read breathless headlines on other news media about “145 of the biggest companies in America” supporting gun control, note that only 45 of them have more than 500 employees. 100 of them have fewer than 500 employees, and you’ll probably need to google them to figure out what they do.

    Whether it’s due to virtue-signaling, free marketing to a portion of the country, or simply misguided beliefs, perhaps it’s worth a hard look at where you’re spending your time and money these days. Let them know how you feel.

    The New York Times also published a copy of the actual letter.

    Companies with more than 500 employees:

    Company Name Title
    Airbnb Brian Chesky Co-Founder, Head of Community and CEO
    Amalgamated Bank Keith Mestrich President and CEO
    Bain Capital John Connaughton and Jonathan Lavine / Josh Bekenstein and Steve Pagliuca Co-Managing Partners / Co-Chairmen
    Beyond Meat Ethan Brown Co-Founder and CEO
    Bloomberg LP Peter T. Grauer Chairman
    Brookfield Property Group Ric Clark Chairman
    ClassPass Fritz Lanman CEO
    Conde Nast Roger Lynch CEO
    Credit Karma Ken Lin Founder and CEO
    DICK’S Sporting Goods Edward Stack CEO
    DoorDash Tony Xu Co-Founder and CEO
    Ecolab Doug Baker Chairman and CEO
    Edelman Richard Edelman President and CEO
    Eventbrite Julia Hartz Co-Founder and CEO
    Gap Inc. Art Peck CEO
    Goat Group Eddy Lu CEO
    Group Nine Media Ben Lerer Co-Founder and CEO
    Havas Group Yannick Bollore CEO
    Horizon Media Bill Koenigsberg President CEO and Founder
    Impossible Foods Patrick O. Brown MD, PhD, Founder and CEO
    Interpublic Michael Roth Chairman and CEO
    Kabbage Inc. and Drum Technologies Rob Frohwein / Kathryn Petralia Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and President
    Levi Strauss & Co. Chip Bergh President and CEO
    Lyft Logan Green / John Zimmer Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and President
    MongoDB Inc. Dev Ittycheria President and CEO
    Oaktree Capital Management Howard Marks Co-Chairman
    Okta Todd McKinnon Co-Founder and CEO
    Omnicom Group John Wren Chairman and CEO
    Pinterest Ben Silbermann Co-Founder and CEO
    Postmates Bastian Lehmann Co-Founder & CEO
    Prologis Hamid R. Moghadam Chairman and CEO
    Publicis Groupe Arthur Sadoun Chairman and CEO
    Reddit Steve Huffman CEO
    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Richard Fain CEO
    RXR Realty Scott Rechler Chairman and CEO
    Shutterstock Inc. Jon Oringer Founder and CEO
    Square and Twitter Jack Dorsey CEO
    Squarespace Anthony Casalena Founder and CEO
    SurveyMonkey Zander Lurie CEO
    Thrive Global Arianna Huffington Founder and CEO
    TOMS Blake Mycoskie / Jim Alling Founder and Chief Shoe Giver / CEO
    Twilio Jeff Lawson Co-Founder and CEO
    Uber Dara Khosrowshahi CEO
    WPP Mark Read CEO
    Yelp Jeremy Stoppelman Co-Founder and CEO


    Companies with less than 500 employees:

    Company Name Title
    AlleyCorp Kevin P. Ryan Founder and CEO
    Ambition Travis Truett Co-Founder and CEO
    Ariel Investments LLC John W. Rogers, Jr. / Mellody Hobson Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO / Co-CEO & President
    Artsy Mike Steib CEO
    Ascend.io Sean Knapp Co-Founder and CEO
    Aspiration Andrei Cherny Co-Founder and CEO
    Aura Abdur Chowdhury CEO
    Backpack Fahim M. Aziz Founder and CEO
    Bad Robot JJ Abrams / Katie McGrath Chairman and Co-CEO / Co-CEO
    BeeswaxIO Corporation Ari Paparo CEO
    Begin Ryan Block Co-Founder
    Betaworks John Borthwick Founder and CEO
    Bonusly Raphael Crawford-Marks Co-Founder and CEO
    Brat Darren Lachtman Co-Founder
    Brud Trevor McFedries CEO
    Cambly Sameer Shariff Co-Founder
    Catch&Release, Inc. Analisa Goodin Founder and CEO
    Cerebras Systems Andrew Feldman Founder and CEO
    Circle Medical George Favvas CEO
    Clearbit Alex MacCaw CEO
    Clever Tyler Bosmeny CEO
    Clockwise Matt Martin Co-Founder and CEO
    Color Genomics Othman Laraki Co-Founder and CEO
    Crunchbase, Inc. Jager McConnell CEO
    Curalate, Inc. Apu Gupta Co-Founder and CEO
    Curtsy David Oates Co-Founder and CEO
    DAILYLOOK Brian Ree Founder and CEO
    Doxel, Inc. Saurabh Ladha CEO
    Elektra Labs Andy Coravos Co-Founder and CEO
    Emerson Collective Laurene Powell Jobs President
    Farmstead Pradeep Elankumaran Co-Founder & CEO
    Full Picture Desiree Gruber CEO
    Fundera Jared Hecht Founder and CEO
    Golden Jude Gomila Founder and CEO
    Guru Rick Nucci Co-Founder and CEO
    Hint, Inc. Kara Goldin Founder and CEO
    HipDot Jeff Sellinger Co-Founder and CEO
    Hooked Prerna Gupta CEO
    humbition Cyrus Massoumi Managing Partner
    JOOR Kristin Savilia CEO
    Jumbo Privacy Pierre Valade CEO
    Kadena William Martino Founder and CEO
    Kanga Jake Perlman-Garr CEO
    Knowable Warren Shaeffer Co-Founder and CEO
    Lattice Jack Altman CEO
    MetaProp.vc Aaron N. Block Co-Founder and Managing Director
    Modern Fertility Afton Vechery Co-Founder and CEO
    Neighborland Dan Parham / and Tee Parham Founder and CEO / Founder and CTO
    NewsCred Shafqat Islam CEO
    Nextdoor Sarah Friar CEO
    NowThis Athan Stephanopoulos President
    Nurx Varsha Rao CEO
    Obemdorf Enterprises William E. Oberndorf Chairman
    Oceans Steven Rosenblatt Co-Founder and General Partner
    OfferUp Nick Huzar Co-Founder and CEO
    Openpath James Segil Co-Founder and President
    Parabol Jordan Husney CEO
    Paravision Doug Aley CEO
    Plato Design John Milinovich CEO
    Presto Rajat Suri CEO
    Prima Christopher Gavigan Founder and CEO
    Quartzy Adam Regelmann Founder and COO
    Ribbon Health Nate Maslak / Nate Fox Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and CTO
    Ro Zachariah Reitano Co-Founder and CEO
    Roofstock Gary Beasley Co-Founder and CEO
    Ruist Stephen Ehikian Co-Founder and CEO
    SelfMade Brian Schechter CEO
    Shoptiques Inc. Olga Vidisheva Founder and CEO
    Sidewalk Labs Dan Doctoroff CEO
    Sift Jason Tan CEO
    Skillshare Matt Cooper CEO
    SkySafe Grant Jordan CEO
    Small Door Josh Guttman / Florent Peyre Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and President
    SmartAsset Michael Carvin Co-Founder and CEO
    Snapdocs, Inc. Aaron King Founder and CEO
    Solve.io Neil Capel CEO
    Splash Ben Hindman Co-Founder and CEO
    Standard Bots Evan Beard Founder and CEO
    Stanlee R. Gatti Designs Stanlee R. Gatti Founder
    Sundia Corporation Bradford Oberwager CEO
    Sunlight Health Ross Feinstein CEO
    Superplastic Paul Budnitz CEO
    SV Angel Ron Conway Founder
    ThirdLove Heidi Zak / David Spector Co-Founder and Co-CEO / Co-Founder and Co-CEO
    thisopenspace inc. Yashar Nejati CEO
    Thrive Capital Joshua Kushner Founder and Managing Partner
    ThunderCore Inc. Chris Wang CEO
    Tillable Corbett Kull CEO
    Uniform Teeth Meghan Jewitt CEO
    Viosera Therapeutics Nicholas Goldner / Christopher Bulow Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and COO
    Virtual Kitchen Co Ken Chong CEO
    Voxer Irv Remedios CEO
    Voyage Oliver Cameron Co-Founder and CEO
    Watsi Chase Adam / Grace Garey Co-Founder and CEO / Co-Founder and COO
    WayUp Liz Wessel Co-Founder and CEO
    Whalar Neil Waller CEO
    Wizeline Bismarck Lepe CEO
    x.ai, inc. Dennis R. Mortensen Founder and CEO
    Y Combinator Geoff Ralston President
    Zola Shan-Lyn Ma Co-Founder and CEO