We need your urgent help stopping anti-gunners in Congress from sneaking a backdoor gun ban into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Senate leadership recently approved an amendment to the bill that would PERMANENTLY reauthorize the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988.

The vague language in this law could easily be manipulated by the Biden Administration to target guns with non-metal parts.

Permanently inscribing it into federal law would create a ticking time bomb that the Biden Administration could weaponize to impose an even larger gun ban than the Biden Pistol Ban – which criminalized the possession of up to 40,000,000 firearms.

That’s why we need YOU to urge Congress to OPPOSE this hidden gun control and let them know that GOA will score any vote for the entire NDAA as an anti-gun vote if the bill contains this backdoor gun ban.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your Representative and two Senators urging them to OPPOSE this backdoor gun ban hidden within the NDAA.


Joe Biden and the anti-gunners in his administration have repeatedly violated and perverted the law to assault your God-given rights.

If this NDAA passes, it will hand them another powerful weapon to use against gun owners.

You see, this backdoor gun control requires that every “major component” of every firearm MUST be able to pass through an airport x-ray in such a way that its shape is “accurately” depicted.

One of these “major components” is the “frame or receiver of the firearm” – which the Biden Administration recently attempted to redefine to mean any gun part or parts kit.

The language currently affords gun owners no protection from an administration intent on destroying the Second Amendment…

For example, when GOA analyzed the Biden Administration's redefinition of the term “frame or receiver,” we found at least 16 parts of a Glock fell within the proposed definition.

Anti-gun Attorney General Merrick Garland has broad power to determine if each of those parts satisfies or violates the 1988 gun control law.

All it would take to BAN many popular guns is for Merrick Garland to declare that a small plastic gun part is a “frame or receiver” and therefore an undetectable firearm.

Currently, this NDAA gun control must be reauthorized every few years or it will lapse, which provides gun owners a degree of protection from anti-gunners intent on abusing its provisions.

But now, anti-gunners are seeking to pave the way for new gun bans by making it PERMANENT, which is why Congress must OPPOSE any NDAA that includes this backdoor gun control.


It can take decades for a poorly written law to come back and bite gun owners.

The 1968 gun ban for "mental defectives" sat around for 25 years before an anti-gun Clinton Administration decided to use it to disarm more than 250,000 law-abiding veterans who had never been before a court.

The Obama Administration approved pistol braces and 40,000,000 were manufactured and sold before President Biden decided to ban them.

It would be a grave mistake for Congress to permanently write another such statute that’s ripe for abuse into federal law.

It’s not as if this NDAA gun control keeps anyone safe…

It was first passed in 1988 in response to no particular threat and has been entirely useless for the 35 years of its existence.

Every argument for it is based on outdated information, foolish assumptions, or downright LIES:

PUBLIC SAFETY FALLACY – It is simply not true that, if this statute is allowed to lapse, "killers can freely go into airports, courthouses, and schools to commit mass murder and mayhem."

MYTHS ABOUT X-RAY TECHNOLOGY – Current technologies like thermal imaging, backscatter X-ray, and millimeter wave will pick up the images of plastic guns. So, this outdated ban is a relic that should be tossed into the ash heap of history.

CRIMINALS DON’T OBEY GUN LAWS – It is foolish to assume that the mass public murderers of the world – intent on committing mass murder – would somehow be deterred by a plastic gun ban. That genie is already out of the bottle.

Make no mistake: Allowing this hidden NDAA gun control to become permanent could open the door for the largest gun ban America has ever seen.

Such a ban would likely include far more firearms than the 40,000,000 pistols with attached stabilizing braces that Biden’s ATF illegally and unilaterally banned earlier this year.

Defender Coffee, the gun control movement has already shown time and time again that they are dead set on the complete and total destruction of your God-given rights.

They don’t ONLY want to ban so-called “undetectable” guns, they want to ban ALL guns!

Handing the most anti-gun administration in American history another weapon to assault the Second Amendment will have disastrous consequences down the road.

That’s why we’re asking gun owners like YOU to speak up right away.

So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to your Representative and two Senators urging them to OPPOSE this backdoor gun ban hidden within the NDAA.

In Liberty,
Aidan Johnston
Director of Federal Affairs
Gun Owners of America