Now that gun control has recently passed the House, I need to give you an urgent update coming out of the Senate. 

RINO Republicans are on the brink of surrendering our Second Amendment rights.

Sources reveal that Senator John Cornyn – the chief GOP gun control negotiator – thinks a deal can reach the 60-vote threshold in the Senate.

Cornyn believes Republicans can shred the Second Amendment without facing backlash from voters in November.

I need YOUR help showing him that he’s dead wrong. Gun owners will stay home on Election Day if the Senate passes a bipartisan “compromise” on our God-given rights. 

Please add your name to our pre-written letter to STOP the Senate from passing a bipartisan compromise on gun control. 


GOA has asked you to alert your Senators several times over the past week, but I want you to see why it’s so critical. 

This is a battle that we can still win. And your activism is helping to keep many Republicans from compromising! 

The other day, Rep. Sylvia Garcia, a Democrat from Texas, was asked by MSNBC why Republicans usually end up failing to get enough votes on gun control compromises. 

She attributed a lack of gun control compromises to “Gun Owners of America” because GOA has instilled a “fear of retaliation” (her own words) in Senators who even consider shredding the Second Amendment.

In fact, she cited Republican congressman Chris Jacobs who just dropped his re-election bid following the immense backlash he received for calling for an “assault weapons” ban. 

Democrat Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts also SLAMMED GOA on the House floor, citing our members’ work to pressure legislators to vote against gun control. 

Your letters are getting recognized on the House floor. You help remind politicians that they’re not in Washington to serve themselves, but to serve We The People.

Thanks to you, hope is not all lost.

While GOA continues to pressure Senators to protect our God-given rights, there are also some real pro-gun Senators like Steve Daines who are pushing back against Cornyn’s proposal. 

But with a whole bunch of RINOs in the Senate – like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, and Lindsey Graham – it’s not difficult to see how the Senate could get just 10 Republicans to vote for a gun control compromise. 

That’s why we cannot take a day off from alerting the Senate. 

We need to keep instilling that “fear of retaliation” in every single Senator to once again stop a gun control compromise in the Senate. 

This is a battle that we can still win. But it will take ‘all hands on deck.’ Everyone needs to take action to contact their Senators right away! 

So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to STOP the Senate from passing a bipartisan compromise on gun control. 

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt 
Senior Vice President
Gun Owners of America